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Penny Rimbaud's 'Kernschmelze II' is a cantata for voices, in this case the voice of Eve Libertine processed by eletronic composer, Charles Webber, to almost choral proportions.


Working on Kernschmelze II alongside Eve, Penny has been able to produce a classic album on a par with their 'Acts of Love' of 1984. Eve's sparse vulnerable poetics counter the almost Wagnerian scale of the work, challenging preconceptions of what music should be and making strong suggestions as to what it might yet become.


Penny plans to record further versions of Kernschmelze until he has sufficient tracks to mix a final grand orchestral version. Inevitably, one which he hopes might finally eclipse what he sees as the tiresome fetters of Crass, but, as he says, 'please don't hold your breath'.


For a short sample of the CD, please go to:-

Kernschmelz II

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