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Much Ado about Something is the best possible description of what can only be seen as a black comedy. Christ, our hero, is the main character of this play of metaphors. It is a play that begun long ago and indeed, has been running for the last two thousand years. Our hero and the cast which support him, take part in a convoluted plot which, in its all too frequent tellings, is as good as incomprehensible. As we start the 14 stages of the Cross, we are presented with the forces of power: a maiden's frustration, a mother's passion and a father's dominance, day to day realities which we have all experienced.

Paperback & CD
Size: 148mm x 210mm
40 pages full colour, fully illustrated
Published by Exitstencil Press
ISBN: 978-0-946381-02-9

Much Ado About Something

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